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This collection of articles will help you get ready to stream your production on Stellar.

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Quick Facts

  1. Do I have to use Stellar to stream? Yes, if you have licensed your content through Broadway Licensing you must use the Stellar platform to stream your content or host your video-on-demand.
  2. What is Stripe? And do I need to use it? Stripe is the credit card processing platform that is integrated with Stellar. If you want to sell tickets, fundraise, or solicit donations through Stellar you will need to establish an account with Stripe and connect it to your Stellar account. We automatically collect your platform fees as well as royalties through the Stripe integration at the time of transaction. Funds collected via Stripe will be paid out to your bank account on a regular basis. If you cannot use Stripe or are looking to offer $0 tickets, please contact to discuss options.
  3. What are my streaming options? You can do a livestream directly at the time of your live performance; you can schedule a livestream of a pre-recorded asset, or you can set-up a video on demand that your patrons can view whenever they like.
  4. What are the costs? Previously you were charged an upfront technology fee by Broadway on Demand for livestream/video on demand events. In this new process there is no upfront fee. In this revenue share model you retain 70% of your ticket sales. The remainder is deducted at the time of transaction and is paid to Stellar (10%), Broadway on Demand (5%) and royalties are paid to your licensor (15%). Tickets sold through Stellar have a minimum ticket price of $5. Free tickets or tickets sold outside the Stellar platform incur a $3 per ticket charge that is invoiced post event. Please contact with questions regarding ticket pricing.
  5. What do I do now? If you have not yet filled out the ShowShare Application, please do so and we can create your account and tie it to your license for accounting/reporting purposes. Please do not sign-up for an account through the website. A Stellar Support team member will contact you when your account is ready.

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This is just a snapshot of the things you can do with Stellar! Please explore our full library of resources or contact us at with questions! We are here to help you be successful.

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