How to Configure Pass-on Fees and Shipping Fees

Pass On Stripe and Stellar fees to your customers and set up Shipping Fees for Merchandise

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We offer the option to setup a Pass On Fee that allows you to defer your Stripe and Stellar fees onto your customer and we offer a similar function that allows you to add a Shipping Fee for any Merchandise you may be selling. You can also configure any other add-on fees that your organization requires such as facilities fees, convenience fees, etc.

All fees can be configured from your dashboard's sidebar.

Pass On Fee

We offer the option to add on a fee to your ticket price to defer your Stripe processing fee and your Stellar platform fee onto your customers. To enable the pass on fees, click Fees in your dashboard.

Then click the blue button labeled Enable Fee. This window will pop up:

You must enter a name for your fee (Processing Fee, Service Fee, Credit Card Fee, etc.) and then set your Stripe credit card processing fee to match the percentage or flat fee configured on your Stripe account.

The Stellar platform fee will be automatically added to each transaction to match whatever your payment to Stellar would be, so there is no need to manually set that amount.

Click Submit and you're finished. The fee set on your account will apply to all transactions made by customers to your events and merchandise.

If you with to remove the pass on fee, click the red Disable Fee button.

Shipping Fees

If you are selling Merchandise, you can either include the cost of shipping within the price of the item, or set a separate shipping fee that will display during checkout. If you are setting a Shipping Fee, click Add Shipping Fee and then fill out the next window. The name of the Shipping Fee will generally be the delivery method you are using (USPS, FedEx. UPS, etc.) and the rate will be the amount. Click Submit to save.

Then when you add a Price Point for your Merchandise, select the appropriate fee from the Fees pull-down menu. When you save the Price Point, the shipping fee will appear during checkout when a customer purchases the item.

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