How to use StreamYard with Stellar

In order to stream your event to Stellar, you’ll need an encoder. StreamYard is a user friendly software encoder that you can use.

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StreamYard is a live video production tool that works in your internet browser, with no need to download software. You only need a computer, a mic, and a camera to broadcast with StreamYard. If you're using StreamYard, here's how to connect and stream to Stellar.

Start in Stellar

  1. Log into your Organizer Dashboard on Stellar.
  2. If you haven't done so already, create your event and add at least one performance (show date) with ticket inventory and a price point. If you are just testing, you can make a demo event that's not published for this purpose.
  3. Go to the Stream Studio and choose the performance you want to stream. Choose the region you will broadcast from and wait for your stream channel to be created. It typically takes 15 minutes to build the channel.
  4. After the channel is created, a RTMP Server and a Stream Key will populate. Now you can head over to StreamYard.

In StreamYard

  1. Once you've signed on to StreamYard, select “Create a Broadcast.”
  2. For “Broadcast To” Select “RTMP Server.”
  3. Obtain the “RTMP Server URL” and “Stream Key” from your channel in Stellar’s stream studio and enter them in StreamYard.
  4. Add a Nickname for your Stellar broadcast in StreamYard. "Stellar" is a good nickname (if we do say so ourselves).
  5. Check your camera and microphone.
  6. Add a Display Name. This will show during your broadcast and is typically the name of the person presenting, or your brand name. If you don't want a name to display, you can turn this off in the Brand menu on StreamYard.
  7. Enter the Broadcast Studio and you're ready to stream. You can use Streamyard's features to customize your broadcast. Now head back to Stellar.

In Stellar

  1. Toggle on “Start Channel"
  2. Toggle “Preview” to see a live preview of your StreamYard stream.
  3. When you’re ready to stream on Stellar, click “Start Stream” in the top right of your screen.
  4. Your stream is now live on Stellar!
  5. When your stream is over, click “End Stream” to stop streaming on Stellar.

If you need more help, please contact us at

NOTE: Stellar Stream Studio does not record livestreams. If you need to record the livestream for your own person archives or to use as a video on demand later, please make sure to record while streaming.

Happy streaming!

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