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Getting Started With Stellar

How do I get started selling tickets on Stellar?
What are the costs associated with streaming an event on Stellar?
What type of products can I sell on Stellar?
What is Stripe and why do I need it?

Event Creation & Management

Can I customize Stellar?
What are the specifications for images and video?
Does Stellar offer marketing tools?
How do I know my content is secure?
How can ticket holders watch their livestreams or VODs?

Livestream & Video-on-Demand (VOD)

What is the difference between livestreaming and VOD?
How do I caption my livestream and/or VOD?
Does Stellar record my livestream?
What equipment do I need to live stream?
What software do you support?

In-Person Ticketing

How does in person ticketing work on Stellar?
What equipment do I need to sell in-person tickets?

Customer Service

Who handles customer service?
How do I process a refund?
How do I give out free/complimentary tickets?