How to Upsell with Donation or Tips

Solicit donations or tips in checkout and during the livestream.

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If you are a non-profit organization, you can ask your customers for a donation during the checkout process. Stellar does not charge a commission on any donations. If you're not a non-profit, you can still ask for a tip from your customer.


The Donation feature is only available for registered non-profit organizations. To unlock the donations feature, please submit proof of 501(c)(3) status and your organization's EIN number to Stellar. (Email your EIN and 501(c)(3) documentation to, please.)

Stellar does not charge a fee on donations. Stripe charges their standard processing fee. Please read this article for more information on registering a non-profit with Stripe and applying for a non-profit Stripe account.


If your organization is not a registered non-profit, you may use the Tips feature. Tips work the same as Donations and are subject to the Stellar and Stripe fees associated with your plan.

A donation is another type of Inventory and can be add similarly. After you have created ticket inventory and price points, you can add a donation the same way.

Tip/Donation Setup

Under Events & Products, look for Donations and Tips.

The setup for both options is the same. In this example, we're setting up a Donation for a non-profit organization. Click +Add Donation in the upper right and then giver the Donation a title. In general "Donations" will work, but if you want to track donations over multiple events, you may also want to add more information to the title.

On the next page, you can add a description for your donation or tip, add price points that will be your donation/tip amounts and associate the Donation with specific product types (tickets, bundles or merchandise).

In the example below, we have three dollar amount donations available. They are assigned to two event types and one merchandise type. These donation options will appear during checkout for all of the product types selected.

A customer will see this after selecting their ticket. Selecting an donation price point and then Continue will add it to their checkout cart. Donations, like tickets, remain in a customer's cart for 45 minutes.

Donations are processed at the same time as the ticket checkout and funds are sent to your Stripe account. Donations can be confirmed when you run a report on your sales.  Stellar does not take a commission on donations, but does with Tips.

Customers also see Donation and Tip options during the livestream of your event.

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