How to Add Price Points

How to add price points to your inventory.

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Once you have created an inventory, you can add price points to it. Select Add a Price Point from the inventory list. Enter a name for the price point. The name should be something that describes what the customer gets for the price (Ex: Livestream, Livestream + Virtual Meet & Greet). Next, enter the price and select Submit to create the price point.

In the Add a Price Point form you'll set

  1. The name of the price point
  2. The price of your ticket
  3. You can set the access to the price point to be open (available to anyone), requires an offer code (only people with code can access the price), or requires a redemption code (purchasers have unique codes allocated to the price point)
  4. You can set limits for the number of tickets purchased at one time or by a single customer.
  5. Visibility, On Sale, and Off Sale dates can be set to control when tickets are available at the price point.
  6. Add special perks like chat badges and access to VIP chatrooms.

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