How to Use Offer Codes

Hold special price points that are released with a code.

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The use of an Offer Code allows organizers to hold price points from the public or offer comp tickets to a select group of invitees with secret codes of their choice. Here’s how you can add a visibility code to a special discounted/complimentary offer:

  1. Create a price point that you would like to hide from the public with a code
  2. Under Access, select Requires an Offer Code and then enter a unique code of your choice (i.e. "discount") in the Offer Code field
  3. Fill out/adjust the remaining fields and save your price point


When customers visit your event listing, price points held with visibility codes will not be viewable to the public:

However once they input the visibility code to the Add an Offer Code field, they will be able to access and purchase/book a ticket from the exclusive inventory:

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