Best Practices: Event Listings

A checklist for top-notch event listings

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Beyond the nuts and bolts of listing events, occurrences, bundles, merchandise and more, we have some suggestions to make your listing shine. Please take these into consideration when building out your events and products.

  • Selling a video on demand to follow after your livestream? Provide your customers with information on when that will be available. If your livestream will require post-production, list an estimate on when the VOD will be available. Keep in mind that uploading and transcoding large files can be time consuming.
  • Hosting a post-livestream event? If you're doing a post-show event on Stellar or elsewhere (like a Zoom chat), make sure your customers know in advance how they will watch and when they will receive a link to watch. Setting up a custom email can be very helpful!
  • Promoting your live chat or  special chat rooms? Be sure to let your customers know which devices support chat. Out TV apps do not have a chat window because most people cannot type on their TV. Web browsers and our mobile apps do support chat. Watching on a TV while joining a chat room via phone is a great combo.
  • When will your merchandise ship and how? If you're selling T-shirts, when will those be mailed to customers? Before or after the event? Will tracking numbers be sent out? These are all frequent questions we see from customers. Be up-front and set expectations on when they will receive their merchandise. If items will be shipped in advance of the event, that can be a big selling point.
  • Who benefits from a tip or donation? Let your customers know how a tip or donation to your organization. Running a capital campaign to build a new venue for your non-profit performing arts center? Provide some details to encourage donations.
  • Running pre-roll content before your livestream? If you opt to run pre-roll content before your main event, let your customers know they can tune in early for interviews, trivia, live chat questions or whatever you think may draw them in.

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