Using Stellar's Add-on Chat Features

Upsell Chat Badges & Private Chat Rooms to your customers

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We offer two add-on features for our Chat function. Badges and Private Chat Rooms can easily be bundled into special ticket offers as upsell opportunities. These features can also be used to designate your organization's staff members during the chat or to create separate chat rooms for staff.

To set up these features, click Settings and then Chat in the sidebar. To add a Private Chat Room, click Add New Chat Room. To add a Chat Badge, click Add New Chat Badge.

Private Chat Rooms

Under Add New Chat Room, you will assign a unique description name. This is the name that customers see. Then add a shorter Label, which is what will appear while adding price points to your ticket inventory and in the chat interface during the event.

When you've assigned the Name and Label, click Submit. Once submitted, chat rooms can be deleted and edited. Saved chat rooms on your account will be available across all events, so they can be reused for different performances, dates and times.

While you may create as many private rooms as you like, remember to be careful about splitting up your ticket buying audience too much. You want your chat to be active and engaged, and the more rooms you have, the less likely you will have a robust chat.

To make the Private Chat Room available to customers, it will need tied to a Price Point of one of your ticket Inventories, either by adding a new Price Point or editing an existing Price Point. Within the menu, you'll see an option for Private Chat Room. Simply select the Label of the chat room you want to include at that Price Point and click submit. When your event is published, this Price Point will be available to customers and they will see the chat room available to them during the event.

Chat Badges

Adding a Badge option is very similar to creating a Private Chat Room, with the addition of an image requirement of a 20x20 .png or .gif file. (Hint: 20x20 resolution is very small, so keep it simple.)

Once submitted, you'll be able to add the Badge to a Price Point, just like a Private Chat Room. The Badge will then appear next to the users name in the live chat during the event.

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