How to Sell a Rental Product

Offer your past event recordings using Stellar's Rental feature!

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Unlike video on demands (VODs) where event organizers are able to make recorded content available to their customers for a set date/time range, with Rentals event organizers can now offer pre-recorded content for a limited period of time that begins once they start watching for the first time. Rentals are an excellent way to grow your audience for past events!

To get started with building a rental, navigate to your Stellar dashboard, click on Events & Products, and click on Rentals.

Give your rental a name and click Add Rental to save. As always with product names, this can be edited later.

Once you've created your rental, you'll need to add all of your rental details. Click Add a description to do this.

At this point, you've already added your Rental Title so next you will need to select a Rental Period. The Rental Period will be how long (in hours) a customer will have access to view your rental once they've started watching it. After you've selected a rental period, give your an event a description and click Save.

In order to publish a rental, you will need to first provide the video asset that the rental is for. To assign an asset click Add Stream Asset from the rental page, select a previously uploaded .mp4 asset or click Browse Files... to upload a new .mp4 asset, and click Save.

After assigning an asset to the rental, event organizers have the options to add a video trailer (.mp4 format, 100mb max), add custom content to the automated confirmation and reminder emails Stellar sends, or require checkout questions of their choice. Once all optional fields have been looked over, at least one price point will need to be added. Click Add one now.

On the price point form, you're welcome to give your price point a name however this field is not required. After you complete the form, click Add Price Point to save.

From the rental page, you may link your rental to any existing tickets, donations/tips, merchandise items, or bundles under Upsell Settings.

Last, publish your event to make your rental available for sale.

Note: Rentals are specific to each customer. A rental gets created each time a rental product is purchased; Therefore unlike livestream, video on demand, and in-person tickets, access to rentals cannot be manually issued and can only be acquired by purchase.

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