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Create, issue and redeem comp tickets

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As the event organizer, you may need to issue complimentary tickets to your staff, investors, press, friends of the cast and crew, or other viewers. Please note that comp tickets are subject to a Stellar fee of $2/ticket and event organizers will be invoiced for any comps issued following each event. There are three ways to issue comps depending on how you would like to keep track of them.

Issue Tickets

You can issue tickets to email addresses from your Dashboard. Find the performance and inventory you want to send and then click the ellipses [...], and then Issue Tickets. You can send a single ticket to a single email address or upload a .csv file to bulk issue tickets.

Redemption Codes

You can create a batch of Redemption Codes to send to people who you are comping into the show. Redemption Codes can also be created in separate batches for tracking purposes. For example, if you are issuing two sets of comps to press and friends of the show, you could create two batches and then name them "comp_media" and "comp_friend" to keep track of who is using the tickets.

You can control the number of Redemption Codes created to ensure that no more than necessary are given out to your invitees.

Offer Codes

The third option for issuing comps is through Offer Codes. Offer Codes are used to unlock price points during checkout. Similar to Redemption Codes, you can create Offer Codes to match your purposes and keep track of who is using them. For example, if you are issuing comps to the three financial backers of your show, you can create a specific price point with an inventory of three. Then your production's investors would enter a code like "myplayinvestor" which would unlock a free price point for the individual to add to their card for checkout.

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