Stellar Customer Service - Event and Purchase Management

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1. Sharing/Gifting/Transferring Tickets
2. Date/Offer Transfers
3. Refunds
4. Comp tickets

Stellar's customer service team is available to handle all technical issues related to transactions, accounts, and stream/video access. However, issues related to events, purchases, and stream-related issues not directly tied to Stellar's technology are the responsibility of the organizer. These items include:
   • Refund requests
   • Ticket transfers
   • Date transfers
   • Comp tickets
   • Merchandise sales and fulfillment
   • Donations or tips
   • Special offers, meet 'n' greets, bonus content accessed outside Stellar
   • Communicating with purchasers regarding event updates/changes/cancellations
   • Chat moderation

In this article, you'll find some helpful tips regarding some of the customer service related issues you may be presented with as the event organizer.



Each ticket provides access for 5 devices. Access to the devices can be gained by forwarding the stream ticket email to the other members of the household who will be accessing it or by synching an app or device to your account.

Please note that forwarded tickets will log the recipient in under the email address of the purchaser. This doesn't compromise the purchaser's privacy as no personal information (credit card for example) is stored in Stellar. However, if that account remains logged in on the web browser of the recipient, any future purchase they make may be emailed to the original email address.

We recommend that if purchasers wish to buy multiple tickets for friends and family that they do so and transfer the tickets using the Transfer Tickets tool that is available in the YOUR TICKETS section of the site.

However, if you, as the organizer, have required any information as part of the checkout process (name/phone/mailing address) this feature will not function successfully for the purchaser. They will be instructed to contact you for assistance. This is because the system assumes that this information is of paramount importance to you as the organizer to complete or fulfill the purchase.  In this case, you will need to transfer the tickets manually.


If you wish to transfer a ticket from one performance to another, or to another offer you will need to revoke the ticket from the original inventory and issue it in the new inventory.  Transferring tickets doesn't go through the purchase process, so if a payment is required for the new inventory to which the ticket would be issued, you may want to consider refunding the transaction completely and having them re-purchase or create an upgrade offer that they can purchase into to pay the price difference.

Guide to Manually Transferring Tickets in the Stellar Dashboard


Refunds are the responsibility of the organizer. Stellar's Customer Service team is not able to refund transactions on your behalf, as they do not have access to your Stripe account.  If you are willing to refund a transaction for a purchaser you will need to do that in Stripe directly.

You can revoke the ticket in the dashboard if you need to invalidate the ticket along with the refund. If you are issuing the refund as a courtesy and allowing the purchaser to keep the ticket skip the revocation step of the process outlined in the Guide.

Guide to Refunding Transactions in Stripe


Your package comes with a set number of comp tickets that can be issued without incurring a fee. These tickets can be manually issued from an inventory within an event, or you can create Redemption Codes or Offer Codes for $0 tickets and give those codes to people to use to claim a comp ticket.

Guide to Manually Issuing Tickets

Guide to Offer Codes

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