How to Check Your Livestream and VOD Metrics & Analytics

Access data on how your customers are watching your livestream or VOD

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Our Stream Metrics & Analytics will give you data on how your customers are viewing your livestream event or your video on demand. You can use this information to confirm whether or not they watched a livestream, the quality of video their internet connection allowed and what devices were used to stream.

Stream Analytics
To see the total number of customers watching at any particular time, use the Analytics button on the Stream Studio. This first image shows all broadcasts from a stream. For this one in particular, there was one broadcast that took place from 5pm to 6:30pm.

This second image shows one broadcast time (Jul 26). Customers began watching at 4:21pm. More joined leading up to the start time of 5pm and the livestream was active until 6:33pm. You can toggle between All Broadcasts and individual broadcasts with the pull-down menu.

Livestream Metrics

You can also look at individual customers' viewing metrics. From your organizer dashboard, enter the customer's email address and click search.

This will bring up their account on your Audiences tab. Click their email address to see their list of ticket purchases made through your account. Scroll down to Streams, find the event in question and click View Metrics.

That button will pull up information similar to the image below. In this example, we see that the customer was attempting to watch on two devices, their Roku and the Chrome browser on their mobile device. While the Roku held steady at 540p resolution, their mobile stream fluctuated due to a poor connection.

The user's device will automatically adjust the resolution of their stream to the best option based on the internet connection they have. In this case, their poor internet connectivity led to sub-par video as dictated by their device, not Stellar.

Below we have an example of a customer who was watching on three devices. You can click on each of the different devices listed to remove or add them them to the metrics display to clarify. Based on this information, we see that the customer watched on Chrome throughout the event, mostly at full 1080p (the best viewing resolution).

The customer also watched on Chrome mobile where their signal was sporadic at first, but then settled in at 720p. Not the ultimate quality, but still a decent signal.

On their 3rd device, their signal was fluctuating wildly. Please note that while it says "Generic Smartphone" that label may also indicate a FireTV type device.

VOD Metrics

The video on demand metrics are a little more rudimentary, but include helpful information on the overall viewership. Open your Stream Studio for the event, click the VOD tab on the left side and then the graph icon to display metrics.

You'll see the number of devices connected to watch, total minutes viewed and the number of viewers. Note that a viewer can be a customer, Stellar staff or you as the organizer. If a customer is watching on two or more devices, that will count as one viewer. If a customer transfers their ticket to another person, that new person becomes a viewer.

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