How to Set Device Limits

You control how many devices may watch your show per ticket.

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Configuring device limits is an option available to organizer on the Professional or Volume plans. The default setting and our recommendation is five devices, which is also the only option for our Essentials plan.

You can limit the number of devices while adding your Inventory for a show. You can choose a limit of two to five devices per ticket, which the customer could then only access through their Stellar account.

Why allow more than one device?

Members of a household may choose to watch an event separately or start a video on demand at different times, on different devices. For example, two people may wish to watch the show on their television in the living room, while the other two members of the household would want to watch from their laptops in their own rooms. That would be a total of three devices, all log into account of the ticket purchaser.

Why is two devices the minimum?

Two devices would be required if a customer wants to watch the stream on their TV (first device) and also be signed in simultaneously on their tablet (second device) so they can participate in a the live chat during the show. If only one device were allowed, they would be logged out of their TV after signing into their tablet, which makes for a frustrating experience.

Can customers e-mail their tickets to folks outside their household to use?

Yes. When a customer purchases a ticket, their ticket is good to use on up to 5 different devices by default. Customers can forward their e-mailed tickets a friend or family member outside their household however, this action will give the recipient access to the purchasers Stellar account including their personal information.

If the customer purchases a ticket as a gift for someone else and they have no intention of using the ticket themself, they should complete a ticket transfer rather than forward their ticket. This protects the purchasers personal information associated with their Stellar account.

Are there available statistics on how many people tend to share a single ticket with someone outside of their household?

With livestreams only, we can assume all viewers from a single household would come from two or fewer IP addresses (one for a home connection and a second for a cellular connection). As of January 2021:

  • 92% of livestream customers watch from two or fewer IP addresses
  • 97.6% of customers have 3 or fewer IP addresses associated with their ticket(s)
  • 99.2% have 4 or fewer IP addresses associated with their ticket(s)

The small percentage of tickets with 3 or 4 IP addresses associated with them does not necessarily indicate that customers are sharing single tickets with folks outside their household. We do have a number of customers who buy multiple tickets with the intention of sharing the link and the analysis above doesn't take into account multiple ticket purchasers.

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