How to Use Tracking Codes + Marketing Pixels

Facilitate direct marketing outreach

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Tracking Codes

Tracking codes are used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and should be used when you are directly traffic to your Stellar checkout page from an outside channel, like email, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, banner ads or sponsored posts. Once created, you can collect data on how many clicks your link received to reach your page on Stellar and revenue generated through the link. An unlimited number of tracking codes can be created to facilitate your direct marketing outreach strategy.

To use tracking links, follow these steps from your organizer dashboard:

  1. Select the event and scroll down to the Tracking Codes.
  2. Click Add Tracking Code.
  3. Enter a code or label of your choice and then click Submit. Each code can also be given a description if you need to add additional details for your reference. If you have multiple events under your organizer account and you are creating tracking codes for individual events, it is important to indicate the name of the event in the description field. This will help you keep track of which links are associated with each event.
  4. Click the clipboard icon to copy the tracking link and paste the link to the website or email of your choice.

Once a tracking link has been set-up, you will be able to track the Stellar event listing visits, transaction amounts, and gross revenue that came from the tracking link. Click the Show Description button if you need to check your notes.

All tracking links for every event on the account can also be viewed under Marketing > Tracking Codes in the sidebar. If you have multiple events on your account, using the tracking code's description field will help you sort which codes are associated with with event.

Marketing Pixels

Stellar allows organizers to add marketing pixels to their events. To add a marketing pixel click Marketing > Pixels in the dashboard's sidebar. Stellar supports the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Ad Conversion Tracking. If you are using a different marketing partner, we can configure most to work. Just email us at

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