How to produce an online event

Online Events Technical Checklist - Upload Speed, Equipment & Software

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To produce an online event, you will need a slightly different setup than your in-house team is used to. For example, instead of staff for concessions, you'll now be worrying about your internet upload speed. Instead of ushers, you'll need an integrated ticketing and streaming system. As it happens, we're big fans of Stellar...

Knowing this, we put together a technical checklist that will set your event up for immediate success. Please don’t feel the need to go out and purchase these exact items, but rather use this guide as a jumping off point to  find the setup that's right for your organization. Also, keep in mind this is our recommendation for a baseline setup. If you have a bigger event, go, well, bigger.

1. Internet

  • We recommend at least 20 Mbps upload speed at your stream location.  This should be 20 Mbps consistently.
  • A dedicated hardwired ethernet connection to the computer that is running the broadcast, either by a hardware or software encoder. Using a Wi-Fi connection is slower and unpredictable.

2. Computer

  • A newer (2015 or later) Macbook pro or Desktop computer, either PC or Mac. Computer specs can vary depending on manufacturer, but this year recommendation generally works.
  • An SSD hard drive
  • An Nvidia graphics card (GTX 1650 or higher)

3. Camera

  • A quality camcorder camera or DSLR with HDMI out
  • High quality webcam (Logitech c920)

4. Video Capture Device

  • Elgato - cam link 4k
  • Elgato - HD60 S+
  • Blackmagic Mini ATEM - (multi camera switcher)

5. Audio Interface

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (for up to 2 mic inputs)  
  • Mackie ProFX12v3(or 4) for up to 7 mic inputs
  • Depending on your broadcast, you can always upgrade to a bigger mixer with more inputs

6. Software

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