How To Extend A VOD

Extending the availability of your video-on-demand

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If your video on demand (VOD) has expired and you'd like to extend its availability there are a couple of factors to consider:

  1. Is this VOD for all my existing customers who bought tickets to the performance?
  2. Is this VOD only for new customers?

VODs are performance-based. If you extend the VOD viewing window, this extension will apply to all existing purchasers, not just new purchasers. If this is your goal then you simply need to go to the Stream Studio and create a new instance of the VOD with the new dates of availability.  Once created all existing purchasers will receive an email notifying them that the VOD is available.

If you want to continue to sell tickets for this performance so that new purchasers can also gain access to the VOD you will need to make sure that your price point is still set to be available for sale or create a new price point.

If you do not want to offer extended viewing to existing customers, but instead only want to offer the VOD to new customers, you will need to create a new performance with new inventories/price points.  Once your new performance is created, you'll need to go to the Stream Studio and create a VOD instance. When you've published the performance you can start selling tickets to your new VOD offer.

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