Larix Connection with Stellar - iOS

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1. Open up the app store and browse to Larix Broadcaster

2. Download and install the application

3. It will immediately prompt you to allow video and audio. Please accept them.

4. Once installed you will open up the app and go to the settings COG wheel

5. You will next go the “Connections” option then click the + on the upper right hand corner

6. Enter the connection name for this event (i.e. Stellar)

7. The URL you will receive from Stellar directly. You will log into

8. Click on Account, then down to Dashboard

9. Here you will next go to the event that you will be broadcasting to from the Stream Studio option on the left menu

10. Choose the event and the Stream Studio will now open

11. Click on the Start Stream button and within a few seconds the system will generate the“Main Input” and will give us the RTMP Url and Stream Key options.

12. Now, back to the Larix software. In the URL field you will be entering the complete RTMP from Stellar. “rtmp://”

13. And for the Stream Key from Stellar you will simply add it to the back of the URL string that has been entered. “rtmp://”

14. Click Save

15. You will now see the “Stellar” event in the connections section with the entire string that was entered above with a check mark over to the left confirming that it all looks good!

16. Click < Settings

17. Next, we will need to configure to Video and Audio settings to get the best picture possible.

18. Click on the Video option

19. Click on Resolution, and choose the option for 1920x1080. This will get us the best quality for streaming online.

20. Make sure the “Bitrate matches resolution” option is turned “off” This will allow us to adjust the bitrate at which we will be sending a signal out to Stellar.

21. Before we make any changes to bitrate, let’s do a quick internet speed test to make sure we have enough bandwidth to push out the broadcast at an acceptable speed. Let’s go to htttp:// and hit the GO button. The results here will determine the output of the stream. The number will are looking for is the “Upload”speed.

22. Now that we have the upload number we can adjust the Bitrate. If you have the bandwidth available lets change the “Bitrate” to “10,000” which is equivalent to 10MB

23. Everything else should be standard and you can now click < Settings

24. Click on Audio

25. Click on “Audio Channels” and change from mono to Stereo everything else can stay the same. Click < Settings

26. Click < Back

27. It will now take you back to your video and confirm at the top of the video screen the settings for the resolution would appear. When ready click the white “Record” button and this will begin the streaming process to Stellar.

28. On the bottom left hand corner you will see what even you are connecting to and the bitrate for the broadcast. This number should be close to the number we adjusted in the Video settings. It will fluctuate depending what is being broadcasted out.

29. Keep in mind that with any internet broadcasting there is a 15-20 latency delay with Stellar. So when you click the broadcast “Record” button in Larix you will not see anything come through on Stellar for the initial 15-20 seconds after you push video out.

30. Once you let this time lapse, you should now see the feed coming in on Stellar and you will now be ready to “Start Broadcast” in Stellar!

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